A Legislative Assembly is an elected body which includes members from all constituencies that are a part of the state. People of each constituency choose their representative through election. This representative is known as MLA or Member of Legislative Assembly. Different political parties contest these elections to secure victory. The party or coalition with most number of MLAs is invited to form the government of the state after proving its majority in the Legislative Assembly. The remaining parties form the opposition in the Assembly. The Chief Minister is elected by the MLAs of the ruling party. The Chief Minister and other ministers assume the responsibility of running the government and its ministries and departments. They are accountable to the Legislative Assembly for their decisions and actions and need its approval. Discussions on various issues takes place in the Assembly where the ministers have to answer questions put forward by other members. All the MLAs together form the legislature while the Chief Minister and other ministers form the executive part of the government that is controlled by the legislature. The MLAs also have the responsibility of addressing the problems of people in their respective constituencies.