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Discrimination due to caste means a person who is not given a value or a standard because of his/her caste. Usually, in India, we witness dicrimination due to race, age, sex, caste, wealth, etc. One such is discrimination due to caste where people of lower and middle caste do not possess any value in the society. They are simply not allowed to take part in any activity in the community. Their words do not have any worth. If they try to prove themselves too, people bring them down by discouraging them. Government is trying its best to stop suchsocial issues and has even given many reservation to BC, LC, SC, ST, etc. for the young students and goverment employees. Thus, we should not let this kind of discriminations happen and treat everyone equally. Hope this helps.... plz mark as the best... :) ;) =) : >
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Discrmination due to caste mean to discriminate the caste