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E- Ticketing is an useful way of reducing corruption because in E- Ticketing the specific and required amount of money is transferred from our accounts in any bank. So the officials will not have a percent chance to make any profit of their own. We can also have a print out proof of having made a payment through the Internet and there is no chance of us being made fool.We also save time as the time to make tickets at the booking center is reduced.
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A computer crash could cause a passenger's reservation and other information to simply vanish. Most networks have backup systems in place to prevent such an occurrence, and passenger printouts of e-ticket documents can guard against this, but it remains a possibility and has happened in the past.Although e-tickets can be more flexible under some circumstances, their holders can be at a disadvantage to paper ticket holders in don't use computers and email, you may find the online ticket purchasing system confusing. You may accidentally delete the email containing your e-ticket or it may get lost among the many messages flooding your inbox .