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Asoka embraced buddhism , because in the last war he fought the Kalinga War(which people refer to his last war), he saw lot of bloodshed and lost to life and property. Thus, he embraced Buddhism as in it teaches that there should not be any bloodshed which brings loss to life and property. He even send his kids out of India to spread the blessings of Buddism :) . Plus he did not become a buddist after the battle of kushans. -'.'-
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When King Ashoka got married, he promised his wife that he will live a life full of peace. But then, when kalinga war broke out, his ministers insisted ghim to fight once and for all. He agreed. After winning the war, when he saw the blood filled city, he felt very depressed and sorryfor the people who were dead.... Due to the breaking of promise, his wife left him. She left their son and daughter, Mahender and Sanghamitra to their father. Then King Ashoka realised his mistakes and owned peace. Hope this helps... plz mark as the best!! :) ;)
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