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Usually we refer to environment as anything and everything around us including the plants, animals and even the non living things. But there is more to environment than what we see. i'm sure most of you want to know it. So I ______ of class____ is standing before you to peak on the topic environment. Environment is a delicate balance of both animated and non animating organisms surrounding us. It can range from a huge tree to the smallest of microbes. Environment is everthing we see around us and sometimes things that we can't see are also part of our environment. Environment is also refered to as nature and it comprises of 4 zones. Atmosphere or air zone, lithosphere or land zone and hydrosphere or water zone are important part of our environment. The fourth zone or Biosphere is the most important. It is where all the other three zones join. So you can clearly see how environment is always helping human kind. so why can't we help it as well? why are we not ready to lay down a few of our desires and wishes and put aside a bit of time to save the environment? Why are we not able to give our future generations a bright and green earth? Think about it friends. I would like to conclude my speech and its me ________ signing off.
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Since time immemorial, human beings have been depending heavily on forests for food, medicine, shelter, wood and fuel. With growing civilization the demands for raw materials like timber, pulp, minerals, fuel, etc., shoot up resulting in large scale mining, road building and clearing of forests. Our forests contribute substantially to our national economy. Excessive use of fuel wood and charcoal, expansion of urban, agricultural and industrial areas have together led to over exploitation of our forests leading to their rapid depletion. We should conserve forests as it is the place of many wildlife species and protect their natural habitat. It should be conserved to protect the loss of biodiversity and genetic diversity. It also regulates the hydrological cycle. Soil erosion can also be prevented if we conserve forests. Climatic changes and global warming can also be combated if we conserve forests.
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