Cant draw it rite now maybe you can check this?
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im so jobless to draw it xP
hahaha same =P
gr8! :P
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Draw a circle and a big oblong attached to it.
Draw the elephant’s trunk using curved lines and the ears using a wide inverted C shape.
Draw the limbs using a set of parallel lines
Add the eyes using a small circle and the eyebrows using small strokes. Add a large protruding tooth using a curved line and sketch a few strokes on the upper part of the elephant’s trunk.
Draw the whole head and ears using your outline.
Sketch the body and limbs from the outline you have drawn earlier.
Add the tail using two curved lines and a few hair at the ends of the tail. Draw the elephant’s nails using curved lines
Erase unnecessary lines.
Color your drawing.
And your elephant is ready!

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