Cleanliness is a good habit; it keeps us happy physically, mentally, socially and intellectually. It is very true that cleanliness begins at home. The sign of cleanliness is a well managed place whether it is a home, working place, school, college, government or private buildings, hotel, restaurant, airport, railways station, etc. The level of cleanliness should be high which is possible if everyone shows his/her effort. It is not the act of one person. It needs regular support and proper understanding from the end of each person.

Cleanliness attracts positive energies towards it and it can impress anyone. Cleanliness level becomes generally high in the developed countries because of the good citizens, strict government rules, high education level and proper understanding of the people. A person with good habits can change the environment of a home however a country with good citizens can change its future as well as the environment of whole planet. In order to show our real potential all through the world, we have to maintain cleanliness all across the country. It is the only thing which can earn respect because a big land, power, and rich natural resources does not matter in the lack of cleanliness.

The maintenance of cleanliness in any country depends on the education level, poverty, and population of the country. The most important factor is education as good education can reduce the poverty level and provide relief from the over population. If the citizens of the country will be educated they can well maintain the cleanliness all through the country. They can pass good habits to their next generation also. Number of cleanliness drives has been run by the government of India however never get much success because of high level illiteracy. The most recent cleanliness drive named as Swachh Bharat Abhiyan run the Indian PM, Narendra Modi, is quite successful.

It is very serious topic and we have to maintain cleanliness in our country, which can be better started from our homes, if we really want development in India. We have to understand that our country is our home and then no problem will be there. As being the citizen of the country, we all are responsible for cleaning any dirty place we see. We should keep our roads, tourist places, historical places, schools, colleges, office buildings, etc very neat and clean.

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