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Mystery is the condition of not knowing any thing about some subject or some person.  We feel so interested in knowing some thing that is not yet known to us. 

Since ages we have been learning a lot about the universe, people, science and so on.  We have been solving a lot of mysteries.  Yet there are many mysteries in the world that remain unsolved.  One of the famous examples is the Bermuda triangle in the Pacific ocean.

Many persons interested in solving mysteries become scientists or police.  A lot of opportunities existing in secret services of countries for persons with skills in solving mysteries.

Generally we know some obvious facts about a mysterious event (a murder, theft etc.). But beyond that an ordinary person cannot imagine more.  Only systematic detection and investigation combined wisdom and intelligence can solve mysteries. Such person need to have a good understanding of the relevant subject, behaviour of people and logical deducing ability. 

There are many popular novels and films on the theme of mystery.  Perry Mason was created by Agatha Christie. Sherlock Homes is created by AC Doyle.

I admire mysteries and the solving activity.  It really requires courage and sustenance to continue in case of adverse situations.

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