1.Yes, E ticketing is an effective way to reduce corruption.

2.We can sit in our home and make tickets without doing any efforts or stand in line for getting ticket.

3.The money will be automatically cut from our bank account.

4.No need to give extra money to other agents for making the tickets.

This is how E-ticketing is an effective way to reduce corruption.
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for the motion: yes. It is very helpful as was as useful too. People can transfer money to the particular account . There will be no chance for corruption. Because payments are made and transfered in online itself. People can get benifit. AGAINST THE MOTION : As the coin ha s 2 phases there are some problems which effct us. Some fake sites of which people are not aware may ask people to type their PIN number of their bank account. Some sites are very dangerous too. So, everything is useful until  we use it in a proper way and also the way of using it.