Crackers give us light and enjoyment don't they, but unfortunately this things of joy and light has a dark side too. These crackers are made using certain chemicals which are extremely harmful for us. The crackers also contribute to increase environment pollution and noise pollution too. Many including me, see buying crackers as wasting money. Diwali can be celebrated in a quite and peaceful way. Hence though the crackers lighten up our surroundings they themselves have a major dark side.

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We all enjoy Diwali, it is a festival of lights and we enjoy it by bursting crackers and we do not even care for the money we spend on crackers. We enjoy the sight of the rockets flying and bursting with the phuljharis burning and producing more colors and bombs bursting sounding like and explosion.
But we do not know the slow but steady death it gives us. When we burst crackers the sound can sometimes harm or ear drum(the elastic membrane at the end of the ear). The smoke produced by the crackers when inhaled can cause dry cough and respiratory problems as they contain charcoal dust, potassium, sodium and other harmful materials. It even harms our Mother Earth by giving out harmful gases such as carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide.
The employees who make these crackers are none other than small children aging from 5-7 years. Their little fingers are able to stuff in the charcoal dust in crackers. They are forced to work in inhuman conditions for which they are paid only 1 or 2 paise per month. By the time these children grow up they inculcate cancer in them and sometimes even go blind.
So we must say no to crackers for the betterment of all the people present everywhere and our mother Earth.