Taking Shelter and Staying Safe don't try trees but rocky areas.
Stay away from windows. They can provide direct path for the lightning.
Don’t touch anything metal or electrical. Or get ready to get an electrical shock!
Stay Inside!!! Outside is dangerous.
Stay away from people and bags!!

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During lightning, follow these suggestions:
1. On hearing a thunder, rush to a safe place such as a low rise building.
2. If traveling by car/bus you are safe inside. Keep the windows/doors of the vehicle shut.

Do's and Don'ts during lightning --

Outside the house:
1. Do not carry an umbrella over your head.
2. Do not stand near tall trees, electric poles, high-rise building and any metallic structure.
3. If there is shelter, take shelter under smaller trees.
4. Do not lie on the ground, instead squat low on the ground with your hands on your knees and head in between.

Inside the house:
1. Unplug the TV sets, computers,etc. Do not used wired phone(telephone).
2. Do not take bath during lightning and avoid contact with running water.
3. Do not stand near windows or in balcony having metallic railings.
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