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Polybags are also known as polythene bags.They are very harmful and have many disadvantages.When animals like cow,buffalo etc(cattle) eat  food from the garbage bin.As the garbage bin may consist of polythene bags or food wrappers they may also eat them,as a result it will choke their respiratory tract or cause a lining in the stomach which may lead to their death.While playing children may cover their face with polybags ,then they may feel suffocated and even result to their death.
- Poly-bags are made of plastic, thus are  non-biodegradable. They do not mix with   soil and cause land pollution.
- Polybags when eaten by animals like cow are vital. They stick into the animal's    stomach and ultimately cause death.
- Polybags when burned emit harmful gases which may result in respiratory   problems and cause air pollution.
- Polybags can go into drains and pipes and block them.