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Breathing rate is the number of breaths taken within a set amount of time.I tis also known as respiratory rate,ventilation rate, ventilatory rate, ventilation frequency, respiration frequency, pulmonary ventilation rate and breathing frequency.
Breathing rate or respiratory rate is the rate of breaths taken within the considerable amount of time(1 minute).

 Eupnea= Normal breathing rate  ( When at rest )

Tachypnea=Increased breathing rate  ( While running )

 Bradypnea=Lower than normal breathing rate 

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Breathing rate is a type of mechanism through which our body inhale &exhale.
birth to 6 weeks: 30–60 breaths per minute
6 months: 25–40 breaths per minute
3 years: 20–30 breaths per minute
6 years: 18–25 breaths per minute
10 years: 12–15 breaths per minute
Adults: 12–15 breaths per minute[3]