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1.If you are not using computers or internet you can find E-Ticketing a bit confusing.

2.You may also accidently by mistake delete your e-mail containg e-ticket or maybe it can also get lost.

3.E-tickets also take away some of the personalization of gifting a plane ticket to a friend or our loving ones.


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     e-ticketing does not increase corruption.   If there is corruption related to e-ticketing, it can be related to facilities, infrastructure, software and the contracts.  But there is little corruption for sale and purchase of tickets.
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    E-ticketing in India will reduce corruption.  Already in many transport corporations it is in practice.  We book railway, flight and bus tickets through the e-tickets. 

     Long ago the tickets were booked manually. People had to go to booking centers and booking agents.  At that time during heavy rush periods (like holidays), the agents or clerks could charge money for giving ticket/reservations ahead of others.

        But now, most of the tickets are booked on line.  The payment is done automatically through electronic transfer of money from one account to another.  So there is little chance for any agent or person to take bribes to book a ticket.  But still there can be some ways people take bribes or commissions and do booking by blocking of tickets.  But it is reduced to a large extent as most of the places are purchased through automatic electronic ticketing systems through computers and mobile phones using the internet.  So the booking clerks or the Ticket checking personnel or travel agents cannot take bribes from the passengers.

     Even the tickets for many shows and cinemas in the entertainment industry are available through electronic ticketing.  Also, tickets for international sports events are also available via internet.  Also, the refunds, alterations are done by the computers automatically.

        Black money or unaccounted money is reduced due to recorded transactions.  The tickets can be printed directly and at any time.  Even duplicates can be obtained.

       When tickets are sold manually, then the sellers take advantage of the demand and charge higher amounts.  Many buyers pay the extra amount instead of refusing to pay extra.

        Electronic ticketing system is not available to all people yet, especially in rural areas.  There is a commission charged too. Many people still do not have access to the language of the ticketing system and booking facilities.  But for those who have the facilities, e-ticketing is good.

    It is possible that some one blocks a lot of tickets and charges extra money for issuing them.  But that agent will face penalties for blocking and also faces punishment for illegal activities.

  There is a disadvantage that there is a heavy traffic at internet sites for booking and often the chance of getting confirmed tickets for urgent journeys is difficult.  This is mainly due to heavy demand and unavailability of sufficient travel facilities.