Who has given the names to their countreis

can you explain
In many cultures (particularly in European and European-influenced cultures in the Americas, Oceania, etc., as well as the Middle East, South Asia, and most African cultures), the family name is normally the last part of a person's personal name. In some other cultures, the family name comes first. The latter is often called the Eastern order because Europeans are most familiar with the examples from East Asia, specifically Japan, China, Korea and Vietnam. The Eastern order is also used people
u have written about how the names of people look like or formed.
the question is about country names.


Ancestors gave names to countries
who r ancestors
those were ruling that kingdome.ex :france=franks ruled for several years
ancestors means purvaj in hindi
yes.please mark it best

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Long ago the names of countries were given by the Kings or intellectual leaders at that time.  Often the name of country was chosen as the name of the region of in the country was located.  It was Related to ethnicity too,

When a revolution took place and new type of government was formed like it happened in case of  USA, Russia, China, etc., the new names were chosen by the leaders.

The name contains words like : communist, republic, socialist, people, democratic etc.  That means the political philosophy adopted by the country, when it was born or reorganized in a major way.