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Kerala Piravi is a day commemmorated to mark the birth of the state Kerala.It came into being on November 1,1956.The malayalis or the natives of Kerala celebrate it as "the birthday of Kerala".
Kerala is the southernmost state in India which was formed long after the independence.At first,there were only three independent provinces namely Malabar,Cochin and Travancore.There are some myths about the naming of the state Kerala.Some believe that it was named after its first ruler , Keralian Thambhuran.He ruled one of the independent provinces in the state. On the other hand, some historians says that the name 'Kerala"came from the word 'kera' which means coconut tree which is widely seen in the Kerala region.
The present day Kerala state was formed as result of the State Recognitionv Act of 1956, passed by Government of India. The modern state Kerala is divided into 14 districts. The state capital is Thiruvananthapuram.Its high court is situated in Ernakulam........
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