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There are many discriminations faced by girls and women nowadays due to the gender bias in our country. The people here think that the education of a women is not necessary as she is bound to get married at the age of 15/16. There, in her in laws place, she would not need any kind of education related work. Women in our society are used for bringing up the generation and kerping the house clean and spotless. But this is wrong. According to the Indian constitution, every Indian has the right to education. And, women need to be educated as she would need to control the bills, differentiate between good and bad, educate her children. If the mother itself is not educated, there would not be any feeling of urge to educate the children. Women education helps her in becoming independent and self confident. Hope this helps..... :) ;)
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Women and men need to move on. That's why everyone needs to be treated equally. Women who face discrimination are helpless. We need to help them to continue their life peacefully. Humans need to live a happy, content and peaceful life in order to live life to the fullest.