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yes , love and pride for one's own country n hatred towards other neighbouring countries leads to wars.... this ideology resulted in the unification if GERMANY and ITALY.this hatred was slowly developing in the 19th century between the states of EUROPE.during this period every big power in EUROPE tried to establish their supremacy over the World..Thus,the ideology of nationalism and nation states created an atmosphere of fear and wars in Europe.

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Yes love for ones country among people of different countries leads to wars this ideology is called nationalism
lets take an example
during the times of wars the ideology of nationstates and ideology of nationalism has created a positive impulse for wars.this ideology resulted in the unification of germany and italy
this ideology is used to create pride inn oneself nd hatred against others
this hatres slowly build up between the states of europe.during this period every big power in europe became anxious to estabilish their supremacy over the world.

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