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An electronic ticket  is an electronic document that certifies the contract of carriage between passenger and airline. This is an electronic form of the usual paper ticket.
The advantages of e ticket are :
time-saving, especially when a purchase is made via Internet; digitally stored tickets in the airline database, which protects You against loss, theft, or the fact that you simply forgot it;  possibility to purchase tickets for other persons who are in another city, or for some other reason are unable to buy a ticket themselves. After the purchase the check-in process is the only thing that’s left for them .The main advantage of the electronic ticket is that it can’t be lost or forgotten at home, and there is no longer any need for a passenger to carry a ticket with him..

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The advantages of e-ticket :
We can book anything by sitting in the home.We can save our time time.There is no need of going at a particular place and standing for along time in queue.We can do someotherwork in the same time.This is also very secured .