Find a quadratic polynomial. The sum and product of whose zeroes are 3 and 2.

My answer is correct
Ofcourse it is correct, But what if the question is ' Find a quadratic polynomail whose zeros are 3 and 2, Then? So i just asked him to verify. Else both the solutions are Right.
Her by the way. And yes u r right it's not whose but the zeroes of its sum and product are 2 and 3
opps! i didn't noticed u are "her".
thats k


Let the roots be a and b
a+b=3           ab=2
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Let one zero beα and other beβ
Then given that α+β=3 and α×β=2
Now (x-α)(x-β)= x^{2} -x(α+β)+α×β
Substitute the values α+β and α×β
 x^{2} -x(3)+2
 x^{2}  -3x+2 is the qudratic expression

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