Yes, cleanliness is a collective responsibility of person.if you clean your surrounding everyone clean there surrounding....
cleanliness is next to godliness.....
to maintain cleanliness first we have clean our self and home,and then our society and then our country .. if we make our environment clean than we prevent many diseases that will effect to human beings...

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Cleanliness drive is definitely a collective responsibility at locality and community level.   What ever we do in a society has a greater impact if it is done by the community together. An an individual we cannot do a lot.  We can only inspire others and show how and what we can do.   

     But to eradicate the issue of dirt, defecation, garbage disposal and cleaning, we required an awareness in every individual about the good of cleanliness and harm done by littering or throwing waste around.
    People need to be educated about their responsibility to maintain the space and locality clean.  Individually what one does, has not much impact.  But, as a community the tradition, practice, habit and discipline set by that level continues for ever.

    If some people do not follow this cleanliness drive, then the drive will not be successful, and the place will be dirty again and again.  Hence, to maintain the goodness of our good locality, the entire community in that area is responsible.