Leonardo da vinci a great presonality who made the world - famous Mona lisa. His life span was 1452-1519. He was said to be the best artist all over the world but still no one born as same as him whose art was excellent. in one story of his own he was going to a place and the gate man stopped him at night and asked who are you the he said Leonardo Da Vinci and the gate man said are you trying to fool me the sfter that leonardo made a big circle in the farms around without anything and the gate man said you must be leonardo come in.
⇒leonardo da vinici,was an Italian painter, sculptor, architect,engineerand a scientist. 
⇒born on -15 April,1452
⇒today he remains best known for his art including two paintings that remains among the world's most famous and admired Mona Lisa and The last supper .
⇒he was largely self -educated , he filled dozens of secret notebooks with invention, observation and theories about pursuits from astronautic to anatomy.
⇒death = 2 may 1519   ...... :)