For NTSE First level, any suggestions or tips especially for SAT

Ok... Best of luck! In advance.
thanks and same to you
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Ok, I am new to this site.. So a little unknown about its features....
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Do some practice tests from websites or from a book on Scholastic aptitude tests for the last few years.  If you could do many of them with confidence , then you can do well in exams.

Familiarize your self with the pattern of the questions, sections etc.  See the difficulty of questions.   Usually the first 50% of the questions are simple enough. Last few questions could be difficult.  So answer as many as you can from the beginning.

Keep cool.  Think of smart ways and simple ways.  Laborious ways perhaps not right.  

At times, you can eliminate the bad options quickly, rather than finding the correct answer.

You can carry calculator perhaps.  Find out.

You need a few good practice sessions to give you the speed.  Some questions could be a little tricky.  Though easy, you may overlook.  So do not rush, but do fast.

There are negative marks for wrong answers.  so  it is preferable to write correct ones.  If in doubt, perhaps leave it alone.

If we know which subjects you are writing, then we can put forward more tips.

Subjects are : history, civics, physics, chemistry, mathematics, bio
good luck. practice is essential. do it well
Sir, Student's are not allowed to carrh caluclators. In NTSE negative marks doesn't exist.
NTSE(National Talents Search Exam ) is the exam  for searching talented students . You can prepare for  this exam by practising hard and i think your NTSE exam will be on 2nd Nov 2014 . So you dont have enough time to waste. Start practise previous years question papers and start reading your NCERT books or CBSE books. 

Only use to write correct answers because In NTSE negative marking exists . So try to answer correct or leave it . It is not so difficult exam . You just need to practise the main concept.
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No. In NTSE negattive marks doesn't exist.