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1) write down all the points that come to your mind about that topic.
2) keep a dictionary with you while writing.
3) buy a good essay book for guidance.
4) let all your ideas come out freely.

hope it helps
You should b free to write,
use your imagination
and if u like despratly u will be able to use new words
and replicate osam essays ;-)
write* desperatly
For good essay u should take a good topic and some points u should know and refer some books for good points
In order to write a good essay, it helps to follow certain rules.

1. Free-Write about the topic. Without having researched on the topic, write as much as possible. This helps in understanding how much you know about the subject.
2. Do some background research on the topic and make notes specifically about the topic.
3. Then make a rough outline with an introductory paragraph that speaks in brief regarding the topic.
4. Follow that with writing three things you want to focus on. Mention this in the introduction itself, It helps the reader realize what he/she is about to read. For example, if your topic is the decline of Harappan civilization you may want to focus on
i. Economic Decline
ii. Change in cropping patterns
iii. Decline in water availability.
Then write 3 paragraphs on each topic and sum up with a conclusion. :D