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Here are some hypotheses that are useful for surveys.  I do not know if you wanted to do a health related survey or a general one.  

Girls wake up from sleep earlier than boys in the morning.

         In the survey, you can collect the waking up timings, and find the average and compare to test the hypothesis.  

Girls’ handwriting is more legible than boys.

       In the survey, you can have a line or two written by the people.  You can assign points on a scale of 1 to 5 for the handwriting.  Then find averages and compare.

Girls attend classes more than boys.  Also, girls (arrive) are present in the class room earlier than boys.

       You can ask the same question in the survey.  You can get the estimate of the average time ahead
of the actual class hour that a student goes inside the class room.

4.  Girls spend less time on their mobile than boys.
         You can collect this data easily too.

5.  Girls study for more time duration at their home than boys.
    You can collect the average number of hours spent by each of the people.

6.  Girls drink more fluids or water than boys.
        you can find approximately the number of glasses or litres one drinks.  It is simple.

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