Waiter = What do you want , sir ?
Ramesh= Firstly i want a cup of tea .
Waiter = Ok sir . Your tea will be served in few seconds .
After few seconds 
Waiter = Here is your tea sir.
Ramesh= Thanks
After drinking tea 
Waiter = NOw , please tell what do you want in meal , sir ?
Ramesh = I am a pure vegetarian . So i would like to eat  chapatis with Mix veg
Waiter = Ok sir . Your Meal will be served in few minutes .
After 20 - 30 minutes , waiter comes.
Waiter = Here is your meal sir. Hope you enjoy it.
Ramesh = Ok and thanks

After eating the meal Ramesh pay the bill and go home.
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a person named ram entered the restaurant

waiter : good morning sir .what do you want sir?

Ram   :    I want some normal meal
waiter  : ok .sir

waiter   : here is your order.

 ram     :  thank you

 waiter  :  you are welcome sir.

waiter    :still what do you want sir?

  ram    : its enough

  waiter   : sir ,bill please

  ram   : here is the bill and your tip as well.

 waiter      ; thank you very much sir.