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God is there . But it is true that we cannot see god by our naked eyes. But if u pray god by heart I promise u that one day god will meet you. Ones you think really about god and if ur heart is good then one day for sure God will meet u.whrn u open ur heart with love then God will come in ur heart.
Becoz then how did u and me has been created??
what i can't understand it plzzzzzzzzzz explain
Then hw did u took birth in these world ??
i didn't took my birth in these world , my mother had gave a birth ok naaaaaaa
yes god is there we knew that we can't see the current in the wire we cant see god.....
Yes GOD is there, we cannot see GOD but  we can only feel GOD.Because whenever we want to do something wrong or  bad things  there is a conscience or we can say the voice of GOD that  stop us to do such wrong and bad things and also when we   are alone or far away from home and our parents we pray and  we feel protected and  safe.This shows that really GOD is there and we cannot see him but we can only feel GOD.