Gud mrng 2 one and all iam here 2 give out a speech on adolescence  dis period starts 2 the children of age group of 10-16 years of age the children enter into teen  they are not intrested to share their feelings with parents  they are intrested 2 share feelings with peer groups  in this stage they  restrict their parens words they get irritater stressed out they get pimples on their faces  in girls the body grews wider in boys they start getting moustaches hairs under their armpits and on chest too girls and boys get attracted 2 each other they start feeling shy girls get mensturated  at the age 40-50 menstural period stops which is called menopause ( hope u dont mind with some of the sentences written above pls oick as best if u like
From the age of eleven our body begins to show changes in shape and size.features begin to look different.a button like nose might become more shapely.cheeks too might change their shape and size.They might go in or puff out.Either way,the eyes are bound to look either small or large.the person occupying the first row seat  might shoot up in height.the tallest girl in class might just stop growing