speech on "E-ticketing has been effective in reducing corruption from booking system"
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Hello all.E - ticketing has been useful in these days for its high security and corruption free network, but does it have a secret corruption base inside the network? We all nowadays rely on the internet for questions and answers. So why can't there be cyber criminals who would back the network and steal tons of money? As it is a really big network, stretching from the north to the south, there is a huge possibility of more than one out of 1.21 crore people will be getting our already got into the database and is stealing money? The main problem of e - ticketing is that it does all info in one area - well, of something goes wrong and someone gets the cash, we will surely be in a crisis - economic crisis. This is the major drawback of it.
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You can say that how can illiterates be alive to operate a ticketing system, if they wanted to?
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yes,  e  ticketing  is  very  helpful  in  reducing  corruption  because  there  is  no  chance  of  mistakes . 

the  payments  are  done  by  net  banking  and  the  money  is  taken  from  our  respective  bank  accounts. 

we are also receiving an online bill which we can print as a proof.

we do not have to stand in lines for hours.

we can our tickets in just some seconds.

sometimes there are chances of frauds.

the money is refunded very late.

in this process , we cannot know the people who is taking money from us and they can be hackers as well.

this reduces the crowd in the  booking offices.

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e-ticketing is related to travelling by train, plane or bus. is it also related to other types of billing for electricity, water, cinemas, celebrity shows etc. ? what is the scope?
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