Hud Hud is the cyclone which caused a lot of destruction mainly in the coastal areas of andhra pradesh.It was named hud hud after the bird in israel.It was the second largest tropical cyclone in india.It destroyed the airport in vizag as well as the caused a lot of loss to  harbor in visakhapatnam .It took many lives of the people in coastal areas.It is estimated to have caused a lot of loss to A.P.
Vizag which was the beautiful place of all with many sceneries and other places like burrow cave turned out to be like hell now afterf the effect of cyclone.even the national zoo in vizag was totally `s winds were estimated to be at a very high speed of almost 195 kmph.Anyhow the present CM of andhra pradesh is taking full care to make the effected area back to their normal state.many donations have also been received by people to contribute their help to help vizag.

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Hud Hud cyclone is the second strongest cyclone tropical cyclone of 2014 with north Indian ocean, and very destructive is firstly identified by a NASA satelite.hud hud in arabic refers to hoopoe bird.
hud hud originates from a low pressure system in the andaman sea on october 6 hud hud intensified into a cyclone on 8 th october, and severe cyclonic storm on 9 th was classified as very severe cyclonic strom by IMD .before land fall hud hud reached apeak strength 195km/h.
hud hud land falled at vizag poodimadaka and it came with a speed of 185km/h .hud hud caused much damage to vizag,srikakulam,vizianagaram,east and west godavari destroyed the grenary of vizag and it destroyed vizag air port and RK beach is filled with stones nad pebbles and shipyard and steelplant were damaged. in assam and srikakulam it caused floods.and 109 memebers were died and many members lost their livelihood and fishermen lost their boats damages are estimated tobe nearly7000 crore rupees.
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