U can make the working model of electrolysis of water. It is very simple. Take water in a glass container and salt to it. Pass electric current through it. And take 2 test tube anf and dip it in the water in an inverted manner. Hydrogen and oxygen is collected vin a ratio 2:1

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You can make a windmill.
First take four wooden card boards whose ends are flattened and the other ends are pointed.Then join them together at the top with some glue.Then make a hole not more than 1 cm or just make a pin sized hole and that will be the place for the fan.Then take a plastic fan not of much weight and fix it with a wire,so that it moves smoothly.And then finally place it on a card board large than its own size and place the model of windmill.Then place the windmill in front of a table fan so that the blades of the fan move round.