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The value of square root of 3 (upto four decimal places) is equal to 1.7320
Actually, the value of square root of three is equal to 1.7320508077....But as it needs to be rounded off to four decimals, the value is 1.7320. According to the rules for rounding off numbers, if the digit to be removed is 5 and if there is an even number preceding it and zero or no number following it, the number preceding 5 should be kept unchanged. As the number preceding 5 in this case is zero, an even number and the number following 5 is zero, the number preceding 5 i.e. zero is kept unchanged. Hence, the value, on rounding off, is equal to 1.7320}

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write the reason how you got the value - what you write... write about rounding the last digit of number