It is the topmost range of the Himalayas
Its other names are Great or Inner Himalayas
Its is the most continuous range
It has an average height of 6000m
It contains all the prominent peaks of Himalaya
The folds are asymmetrical in nature
The core of this part is composed of Granite
The range lying to the south of Himadri is Himachal
Other name is lesser Himalaya
The ranges are mainly composed of highly compressed and altered rocks
Altitude varies from 3700 and 4500 and width is 50 km
Contains all the famous hill stations

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The northern range of in HImalayas is known as the Greater Himalayas or Himadri.this range is the most continous consisting of the highest peaks with an average elevation of about 6000mts above mean sea level

The portion of range found south of the greater himalayas is called as lesser himalayas or himachal.The width of this is over 10-50kmsand have an altitude varying between 900 and 1100mts
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