E-ticketing also known as internet ticketing is a turning point for almost everybody in this modern world.Nobody has the time to go to any office or any place to get any ticket booked,So instead they use E-ticketing which is fast,safe,efficient and better than normal booking.If we opt to book our ticket normally we will have to pay twice the amount of the ticket we need because of CORRUPTION.Many brokers say that they will get you a ticket but not for a reasonable price.Even the officials of the company from which we need a ticket  take corruption to get a better seat in railways,nice room in hotels and many more.The solution to all these is just one that is E-ticketing no need to go anywhere to book a ticket,no brokers,no corruption.You just need to pay the actual amount inspite of very less net charges.One can book any ticket he wants from anywhere with a reasonable and correct E-ticketing is the safe,easy and fast and also helps very much in reducing corruption.

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E- Ticketing is an useful way of reducing corruption because in E- Ticketing the specific and required amount of money is transferred from our accounts in any bank. So the officials will not have a percent chance to make any profit of their own. 
We can also have a print out proof of having made a payment through the Internet and there is no chance of us being made fool.
We also save time as the time to make tickets at the booking center is reduced.
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