Many religions believe plants possess souls. A CARROT IS strapped to an examining table. After the experimenter wires it up to a galvanometer, he pinches the vegetable with forceps. The machine registers "infinitesimal twitches, starts, and tremors," according to one report. The year is 1914, the scientist is named Jagadish Chandra Bose, and a journalist in the room writes, apparently without irony: "Thus can science reveal the feelings of even so stolid a vegetable as the carrot ::Today, that conclusion - and the experiment - seems absurd. Whatever is happening inside a carrot, it's not a 'feeling' in any sense we'd understand. For that, a carrot would need a brain, or at least a central nervous system, which it most certainly does not have. The scientific consensus is clear: Plants do not experience the world the way we do.

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Plants also have feelinvs u can understand this by a story.............there was a girl she loved trees and she lived in a village there was a banyan tree in that particular village she would offer water n gertilisers to the tree for few days the girl didnt water the plant n grew ill because the tree was being planned to cut by the villagers