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Shanaya - This is so not supposed to happen. The facility had collected the electricity fee a few hours ago. And as far as I know, everyone had handed it over. Gungun - I hope it's not serious. I'm very scared in lifts. Sonakshi - I think we should press the alarm, so that we can contact the lift-men or somebody. Gungun - But we don't know which floor we're on. So anyway, he won't be able to do anything. Shanaya - But what's the harm in trying. Sonakshi - Yeah. [As Sonakshi presses the alarm, the power came back on.] Gungun- What a relief! Sonakshi - I'm going to complain to the Facility Manager. Shanaya - Okay, my floor has arrived. Bye. Sonakshi and Gungun - Bye Shanaya!
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You can change the names. Due to technical problems, I could'nt start each line from a new line. So when you see a name, it's supposed to be from a new line...