The hobbies of Germany are the following-
 First of all, soccer is really popular in Germany, it isn't considered a girls' sport at all(only boys). Also, hiking is very famous there (has been for ages, and from young people to pensioners, everybody does it). 

Germany is also quite well-known for its love of games - board games, card games, and more,you name it. Loads and loads are invented every year when it comes to Germany, there are fairs where people meet to try out the season's new games etc. 

There is also a long tradition in Germany of joining a club for your hobby. You'll find many people are members of a variety of clubs, including Sportvereine (sports clubs), Gesangvereine (choirs), Wandervereine (hiking clubs), Tierzuchtvereine (animal breeding clubs - rabbits and pidgeons mostly) and collectors' clubs for anything from stamps to vintage cars.
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the boys and girls like to watch television and about 90 per cent of the people owns television.

they like to do crafts work such as making of cuckoo clocks.

they love to play football and it is very popular in germany.

they also like to be engaged in hiking and jogging.
They have lots of love between them like gf and bf