Ishika - Every year, at the end of each session, at least 10 benches per classroom are damaged due to a child's carelessness. We have more than 500 classes and that means that 5000 benches are dumped each year!
Kavita - Yeah, we must take actions against this act. Or else our school will be at a huge loss. I'm going now to the Principal's office to complain about this.
Ishika - Even I will come with you.
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I know it's a bit stupid. But for 5 points, nothing better could have been posted by me.
More detail.....thnx but plzzz more
Plzzz it should be of 2 minutes . ..please help me ...plssssssss nd problm should be solved by people only not by going to principal ... ..
For 5 points, 2 minutes?