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To begin with, in my opinion - 'NO', nuclear family system is not responsible for the degeneration of values in our society. A nuclear family is comparatively has lesser family members consisting of father, mother and their children. Unlike the joint families which consist of a large number of family members that include grand parents, parents, siblings and their children. In joint families the concentration of the mother on her children lacks and hence she don't find much time to inculcate values in them to mold them into good citizens of the future. Whereas in nuclear families, the mother who plays a key role in molding the children into responsible individuals, enjoys the freedom of choice and finds ample time to inculcate good values in her children.

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Well, I think it's a yes. When nuclear families concentrate in building a better life, those joint families have all the values you need as most of them will be at home - your grandparents, aunts and uncles. You can not only get values, but can also see people interpreting it. They have ample space for teaching their children and grandchildren and passing the values generation by generation.
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