What are C vitamin dfficiency diseases and write their symptoms

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Vitamin c is called as ascorbic acid.the deficiency diseases of it is called scurvy.
the symptoms of scurvy are delay in healing wounds ,fracture of bones.

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Vitamin C deficiency diseases: Scurvy- Causes muscular and joint pain, red spots on the skin, lack of weight and appetite and bleeding of gums which may cause teeth to fall out. Jaundice, swelling, fever occur in the later stages. Fractures may occur due to deteriorating bone health and loss of cartilage found in the joints. For patients suffering from scurvy, a vitamin c rich diet is advised. Vitamin C is present in amla, citrus fruits like oranges and sweet limes, papayas, guavas, strawberries and vegetables like tomatoes, broccoli, potatoes and cabbage.  Hope this helps...... all the best!!! :) ;)
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