Choudary Rehmat Ali an young student distributed pamphlets in 1933 & 1935 desiring a separate national status for pakistan, which was his dream
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Choudhry Rahmat Ali
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Pakistan - punjab,Afganistan, Kashmir, sind and Baluchistan was coined by punjabi Muslim student at cambridge, choudhary Rehmat Ali.


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Choudhry Rahamat Ali was the person to coin the name Pakistan. Choudhry Rahamat Ali was the founder of the PAKISTAN NATIONAL MOVEMENT was born in 1895. From his early childhood Rahamat ali showed signs great promise as a student. In the history of Pakistan rahamat ali holds immense respect because of his valuable contribution to his country
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A person named choudary rehmat ali coined the name pakistan
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the name pakistan from punjab afghanistan kashmir sind was coined by punjabi muslim student Choudhry rehmat ali
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