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Plans for developing a village: 1) proper road facility 2) traffic lights 3) spread greenery 4) strong pakka houses so that it doesnt fall during floods and cyclones. For the environment, 1) using the proper amount of water 2) planting many trees 3) using public transport 4) staying away from industries and factories (because of smoke and dust) 5) keeping the surroundings clean For the people: 1) building hospitals, schools, colledges, lodges, etc. for comfortable living. 2) proper network connection for communication. Hope it helps.... all the best... :) ;)
1. Free and compulsory education. 2. Houses for poor people who are below poverty line. 3. Loans for farmers. 4. Water facility for every one. Water should be supplied to houses and not as a common pool source. 5. Power facilities. 6. Percolation tanks should be encouraged which would recharge ground water ( increase ground water level). 7. Compulsotry public Toilets as well as should force people to construct individual Toilets( in their houses).