A 10 cm cube of paraffin wax weighs 0.085 N. It is carefully submerged in a container of gasoline. one cm3 of Gasoline weighs 0.0069 N.
A) what is the weight of the gasoline displaced by the paraffin?
B) will the block of paraffin sink or float in the Gasoline.
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Weight of the cubical paraffin wax = 0.085N
mass = 0.085/9.8 = 0.00867 kg = 8.67g
side length = 10cm
volume = 10³ cm³ 
density of paraffin wax = mass/ volume =8.67/10³ g/cc = 0.00867 g/cc

weight of 1cm³ gasoline = 0.0069 N
mass = 0.0069/9.8 = 0.000704 kg = 0.704 g
density of gasoline = mass/volume = 0.704/1 = 0.704 g/cc

Since density of gasoline is more than density of paraffin wax, the cube will float. And according to archimedes Principle, the weight of gasoline displaced is equal to weight of paraffin wax. So it is 0.085N.