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Buy a good book on C language for beginners.  There are many books available.  If the book is the prescribed text for XII level or degree 1st year level, then it is even better.

Buy a book with a CD/DVD, if possible.  Then you will have the c compiler and/or interpreter. 

Otherwise, download some good c compilers or interpreters - perhaps evaluation versions.

1.  First you should be good in algorithms and flowcharts.  Learn them well.
2. Write algorithms and flowcharts before writing programs.
3. Test your programs or sample programs.

Read the theory and  then practice the examples given in the book.  Write your answers carefully and you will learn a lot more during your experiments with the compiler.

There is no easy way of learning a programming language.  you have to read and do exercises.  Otherwise, you think you know it, but you have not learnt well.

Try buying cd and learn it
try memorializing and do it practically 
u will learn many and while learning always learn with a free mind