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As booking tickets in net is very useful and helpful too. As money is firectly tranfered into that particular account money doesnot change to many hands. We can save time and effort. Now booking tickets is at your fingertips making you to save your time.
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thnkxx for ur answer.. I'm sure it will help me a lot..
Yes  ticketing has help in reducing corruption .
because  there  is  no  chance  of  mistakes . 

the  payments  are  done  by  net  banking  and  the  money  is  taken  from  our  respective  bank  accounts. 

we are also receiving an online bill which we can print as a proof.

we do not have to stand in lines for hours.

we can our tickets in just some seconds.

sometimes there are chances of frauds.

the money is refunded very late.

in this process , we cannot know the people who is taking money from us and they can be hackers as well.

this reduces the crowd in the  booking offices.
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