The revolt of 1857 is apropriate to be called as 'the first war of indepence' or 'sepoy mutiny'?

u mean wat happened in the revolt..??/
I want what actually it is and the reason for it to be called so.. i'm sorry for the above ones..
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The year 1857 is an important year in the history of our country. It was the time when an attempt was made by the Indians to liberate themselves from the British rule, Some scholars call it the Sepoy mutiny, while others describe it as the first war of independence. Mangal Pandey, a young sepoy, fired the first shot of this revolt, The bullet he fired on March 29, 1857, sparked the army rebellion against the 100-year-old British rule. The first spark of revolt started at Meerut, near Delhi. The revolt spread over large parts of northern and central India.

The revolt shook the foundation of the Company's rule in India. The Indians, who had many leaders, were not well organised. The British, with a well-organised army, suppressed the revolt with a heavy hand....

The revolt of 1857 brought an end to the rule of the East India Company. It was taken over by the British Government. It appointed a Governor-General (also called Viceroy) to rule over India. Now India came more firmly under the British but still the conditions of the people did not improve. The new rulers also harassed and suppressed the Indians. However, the revolt of 1857 created an urge in the minds of the Indian people to unite and fight for their freedom. They prepared for a new struggle against the British rulers.

It is called "Sepoy Mutinity" because the revolt started among the Indian soldiers in the East India Company, these troops were called Sepoy's, 

it is called a mutiny because these Sepoy's were soldiers who killed their officers and rebelled, because these men were employees of the British it is called a mutiny, rather than a rebellion.....
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In 1857 Indians planned a revolt against the Britishers.In this war Mangal Pandey went to britishers and fired a collector and  killed 10 sepoys of Britishers.This is know as the first war of Independenceor Sepoy mutiny