One of the big reasons has little to do with the movie but how movies have changed in style. If you compare old movies to new you will notice that old movies have scenes where one character may say several lines of dialogue where now the dialogue is shorter and sharper. It is the same with edits as modern movies tend to have an edit every 3 or 4 seconds where older movies the time in between were much longer often going for 20 seconds. That leads me to the camera because in the really old movies the camera tended to be stationary where now of course they move around a lot more. 

What this all equates to is that modern movies are made so that something is always happening so that it commands your attention by chopping and changing. Where as old movies would command your attention with long periods of dialogue which relied on actor to command your attention for the whole period. 

And that is why a lot of people find old movies boring because they are so different in style.
isn't this over 100 words
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OLD MOVIES,are the things that basically connect us to the ancient part of the film industry but the ugly truth about this is that it is boring!! we can not change that but on the bright side we have new movies coming in right now.............!!!!!! the second one even better than the 1st one