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A college student may be staying at home or at a relatives residence or at a hostel in the same city or a different city.  The expenses may differ depending on where he resides.  However, some types of expenses may be common among them.

For a student staying away from college, the expenses include the vehicle maintenance, bus pass or conveyance expenses. For all students there are some petty expenditures like coffee, tea, snacks or chocolates etc.  All students have to spend for their text books, stationary, etc. 

Many students may enjoy sports and games.  They may join some membership clubs by paying regular subscription.  

Many boys and girls give some treats to close friends on occasions like birthday, or when they are successful at an exam or some other event.  All students may buy some common medicines for small ailments and keep them with themselves.  This is true especially if they are staying away from parents.

Most of the boys and girls maintain cell phones. The recharging and subscription expenses are paid by them.  Of course, that will not apply for those with a post-paid connection and a bill going to the parents.

Often for students away from their parents and relatives, they pay room rent, electricity, water, utilities etc.  Students also use internet facility these days.  So subscription to ISP is also additional.

Often boys and girls try to buy clothes, glasses, caps, sports wear and foot ware. SOme buy more often than not, just because they like those articles.  Often some students give some gifts to their friends on some occasions.

Entertainment is another direction of expense like, cinemas or reality shows or arts etc.  Some students spend for their hobbies, which could be justified too.

Some times to do project work, they may have to get some things done or buy some articles.  This is more of an educational expense.  Some times students may have to spend for clothes or make up during some competitions at schools or colleges.

There are some students who spend to show off.  Some may buy many latest electronic items too.

Students have to apply for admissions for some higher courses at multiple institutions.  The amounts forwarded to them as advances are foregone in case of not joining.


The student must evaluate whether the expense is good for that day's use as well as for future.  Some expenses that do not have value for tomorrow's life need be reduced.  Much of the entertainment expense can be reduced too.  Perhaps some expenditures like books can be reduced by buying recirculated books from a common pool. Taking food from home reduces expenditure as well as any health related problems.

A boy or girl is the best judge of own expenses.

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In short if u need not to spend money simply do not spend it for useless purpose like simply showing off by buying something extraodinary
use it for treating your friend on special occasion