You need to understand the concept of trignometric ratios.You need to remember all the values of all trignometric ratios.This makes the trignometry chapter very easy

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Draw a right angle triangle ABC, with B = 90°.  Then Ф at angle C or A.  Then rewrite the ratios one or two times.

1.  Remember the definitions of various trigonometric ratios.  Sin Ф, Cos Ф are to be remembered well.    Tan Ф, Cot Ф, Secant and Cosecant  can be derived from them.

2.  Remember the relationships among the ratios.

Sine² Ф + Cos² Ф = 1               Tan² Ф + 1 = Sec² Ф
Cot² Ф + 1 = Cosec² Ф 

3. Remember standard values for Sine and Cosines of some most used angles.
         Like   Sine and Cosine for 0⁰, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, 360°, 180°
        Find other ratios using these values.

4.  The ratios are some times confusing.  If enough practice is not done, you may do small mistakes.   Work out many exercises.