Measures to minimise Global warming : 1. Afforestation. 2. Change a light ; Replace regular bulbs with Campact Fluorescenr Light (CFL) bulbs. They consume less power than ordinary bulbs. 3. Driveless. 4. Recycle more; people to use the disposable products into some other forms. 5. Use less hot water; Buy energy saving geysers and diswashable for your home. 6. Avoid products with lot if packing and more land fills. 7. Turn off electronic devices when you are not using.
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question was about global warming, not energy saving.
global warmng is about burning fossilfuels. so inoeder to reduce we are saving nergy.
Following are a few measures that might reduce global warming.. : 1.we must take care to clean our filters and air conditioners; we can replace them in need too...2.we should never leave the appliances on standby..3. often,  we should defrost old fridges and case, we may also insulate and weatherize our home..5.recycling organic wastes helps us to eliminate global warming.. 6. and most importantly, we must switch to green power and plant more trees..
hmm ..yeah.. actually i missed dat
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nope.. m not in cbse
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